ashcustomworks The Zombie Collection

The order book is currently closed for new guitar builds, but when it does re-open for people on the waiting list, Projects in the Zombie Collection will be the first to be offered:

The Zombie Collection is made up of all those incomplete guitars, bodies and necks that have slowly littered the workshop over the last ten years. Because there are so many (100+), any future orders need to start life as one of these Zombies until they're all gone. Don't worry! There are all kinds of guitars represented. All the Ash and Radian models, teles, strats, Les Pauls, SGs, Flying Vees, Explorers, PRS, basses, baritones, superstrats, lefties, righties, you name it! Some day soon I'll start announcing batches of Zombies that are going to become available for completion. Any batch that gets three or four committed buyers will be the next to be completed. Keep your eyes peeled or make your requests here, and Facebook/ashcustomworks (click on the buttons below) - Use the Contact page for more info.

In the meantime, check out some of the previous custom guitar jobs in the Gallery.

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