ashcustomworks wide range of guitar designs stems from my own version of "Guitar Acquisition Syndrome". I suffer from "Guitar Creation Syndrome", whereby I spend every waking hour thinking up new combinations of the best wood and hardware, so that you, the Rock Stars of the World can finally acquire the guitars you've always dreamed of. Turns out there is no ultimate guitar, but there are lots of ways to get fantastic sounds out of beautiful looking, sweet playing hand crafted instruments.

Electric Guitars >>
I couldn't stop and one or two guitar designs. There are just so many possibilities! I did manage to slow down at six... and they each capture the unique spirit of a legendary classic guitar or a classic in the making. Take a look at some of my standard designs via the links to the left. Or navigate your way to the galleries to see some of the freakshow custom guitars I have done in the past.
Bass Guitars >>
Three standard bass designs cover the spectrum from minimalist to the luxurious (with two more in the works!). Each is unique, hand crafted to order so you can specify each aspect of the bass of your dreams (or the bass your bank balance can survive!). And if 'Freakshow' is the name of your game, I can always add mirrors and lights!
Radian Guitars >>
Ash Customworks is proud to introduce the "Radian" range of classic electric guitars. These are an affordable combination of NZ made bodies, Japan/USA made necks and the best value hardware you can get. There's no bling, just stripped down rock 'n roll action. Models include TT, ST, JM, SS guitars along with PJ and TJ basses from $1400 plus pickups/options. E-mail for information.

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