ashcustomworks can carry out all manner of repairs, modifications and restoration work on your acoustic guitars and basses. Custom hand made instruments are also on the menu, including traditional spruce/mahogany boxes, hybrid solid/semi-solid bodied electic/acoustics and even advanced carbon fibre shell guitars if anyone is daring enough to ask. Call or e-mail for more information.

The focus here is mostly on making electric instruments, but there are a few exciting developments afoot, utilising modern materials and techniques in ways that haven't been done before. Ash acoustic instruments are strictly one-off custom instruments. Contact us for more details on hybrid, composite or conventional wooden acoustic instruments.

Hybrid Acoustic/Electric >>
Not everyone wants to wrestle a full size acoustic on stage or even at home, but I know you love that full, rich acoustic sound. You know you love it. Some songs just have to have it. Thanks to modern pickup technology and cunning use of the right wood with the right holes cut in it, we can get that sound and still have the comfort and playability of a compact electric guitar. The range of options is enormous and runs from fully acoustic to full electric and all stops in between, so give us a yell with your ideas and we can design something wonderful (and comfortable) for you.
Steelstring acoustic >>
There are lots of good ideas worth trying in the world of acoustic guitars, but for now i'm going to stick with the few that most interest me. They include a small parlour guitar, an archtop acoustic and a freaky spline-curved-top acoustic. I'm slowly working on some parlour guitars and an archtop using conventional construction and materials, but the goal is to try out some of the newest techniques using high quality laminates of fine tonewoods and composite materials. To this end I just collected some outrageously beautiful whitebait kauri veneers for these experimental guitars. If you're looking for something interesting along these lines, have your people contact my people...
Lucinda and Annaliesa >>
I have a couple of interesting ideas about building Semi-acoustic guitars, which are not exactly the usual way. The traditional way is to use glue-soaked plywood throughout and pull the wool over the players' eyes by relying on your well regarded and long established brand to sell the instruments... But I'll try a new combination of old-school archtop techniques and modern solid-body machining, using real solid wood and as little glue as possible. If you take a cedar top and make it thick, its simply a solid body like any other, but if you selectively carve it, you start to move back towards acoustic territory, but you can control the strength and feedback properties to have the best of both worlds... Stay tuned for Darcy Perry's beautiful Annaliesa and the new model, Lucinda!


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