The ASH Coden started life as a stripped down hellraiser, derived from it's big brother the Safon, but with time, and trials it has evolved into something that should have come out of Fullerton. Equipped with either tele or strat type guts (or a custom combination), you can put away that 50 year old relic and stick to a guitar that is going to stay in tune, balance on the strap, feel fast and comfortable and twang or quack with the classics. As each is custom built to order, you can pick and choose the hardware, pickups and colours you really love - the ultimate in customisation. And if you really want to take things to the next level, bang a Supreme Upgrade package onto the order and get all stainless fasteners with brass inserts, 510 locking tuners, VG300 trem, premium electronics and your pick of a range of Rio Grande, BKP, Suhr, Duncan, DiMarzio or Ash custom wound pickups.  

body USA hard ash, alder or paulownia (optional mahogany, kauri, narra, cedar, cedrella)
neck Eastern USA rock maple bolt-on, maple fretboard, 25.5" scale, abalone dots, 22 medium frets, graphtech nut
pickups Standard T/S/S Ash pickups on a custom pickguard (optional HB, P90, S/S/S combos)
tuners Gotoh SE/SD/SG machineheads (Gotoh 510, locking and Sperzel optional)
bridge Gotoh or Wilkinson tele bridge standard (optional Gotoh or Wilkinson tremolo)
finish Satin Blonde (optional gloss sunburst, custom colours etc)
formats custom built to order
options Coden Junior - Simplicity defined: $1800
Coden Special - Choose from the standard options: $1700-$2600
Coden Standard - As above: $2600 (listed options at extra cost)
Coden Custom - Choose anything at all! $2600+
Coden Supreme - You know you want it: $3990

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