The ASH Supra prototype was originally built as my personal gigging instrument, but it was so popular amongst local players that it saw more use rented out to those guys. The updated Supra fretless custom (shown here) featured a slinkier shape with improved balance and better electronics. The latest incarnation moves back towards the classic style with a body shape reminiscent of a slightly smaller jazz and traditional passive pickup combinations. Unlike the original, the neck is bolted to the body to maintain the traditional tone. American ash or alder in the body and a rock maple neck make for classic sounds. Bringing things into the 'now' is the limited edition Suprette version with a compact body and 24 fret neck for modern feel and classic tone.  

body USA ash or alder (optional mahogany, narra, kauri, cedrella etc)
neck USA maple bolt-one, 3+1 or 4+0 headstock, maple or RW FB, 34"scale, 20/22/24 frets (ebony FB, fretless, carbon fibre, reverse headstock options)
pickups Rio Grande P/J (optional SD, DiMarzio, Bartolini pickups and active EQ systems)
tuners Gotoh GB707 2+2 chrome machineheads (optional GB2, GBS510 and Resolite tuners)
bridge Gotoh or Wilkinson vintage style bridge in chrome
finish Natural satin lacquer (gloss and colour options)
formats custom built to order - fully finished with case
options 4-string, 5-string, 6-string, fretless

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