After eight years of development the Taniwha is about to be re-born as an eight-stringed, fan-fret, extended-range monster. The latest unfinished prototype is pictured to the right. When six strings don't go far enough, E isn't low enough and floppy down-tuned bass strings just don't deliver the punch or clarity you need, the answer is to add those extra strings and give them a scale length that will get the best out of lower tunings. That means as you go down in pitch, the scale gets longer and the frets get further apart resulting in the fanned pattern you see on the fretboard pictured. The Taniwha platform is wide open to customisation, allowing for any number of strings, any scale lengths, any pickups configuration. The standard configuration is described below. Fan-fret instruments got their first expose in jazz circles and they offer the imaginitive jazz player a much wider palette and with clarity and definition impossible with normal scale instruments. In recent years metal players have also found the benefits of multi-scale guitars as tunings drop in search of ever-heavier tone, preferably without encountering mud and flub from floppy B and F# strings.  

body semi-hollow kauri back, arched top (optional kowhaiwhai carving, whitebait kauri cap etc)
neck tawa/puriri/carbon fibre/ thru neck- puriri fretboard - paua inlays - 24 frets - 25"-28" or 27"-30" scales
pickups handwound custom angled bridge humbucker and neck single coil (seperate bass/treble pickups and bridge piezo options)
tuners Gotoh locking 3+3 machineheads
bridge Ash GT8 custom individual bridge array with locking Graphtech saddles (piezo saddles optional)
finish Gloss top, satin back (lacquer) or oiled/waxed natural kauri finish
formats Standard 25"-28" tuned F#BEADGBE or Extra-Low 27"-30" tuned EADGCFAD. Any other tuning, strings, scale can be accomodated as a full custom
options Custom body shape +$200, Piezo pickups and preamps from $450, Kowhaiwhai carving from $350, split bass/treble pickups from $150

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