ashcustomworks is very pleased to announce that we are now producing hand-wound pickups for use in Ash and Radian guitars.

These pickups are only available as part of a full guitar project, so unfortunately can't be offered individually. Pickup repairs are also no longer available.

Standard Pickup Formats>>

The standard choices that almost everyone uses are: standard humbucker, F-spaced humbucker, Strat single coils, Tele single coil and P90 soapbar. Parts for these types are usually in stock and I can wind to your specs as required. They cover the range from lower output vintage styles, through beefier Texas flavours, all the way up to 17+kOhm deathbuckers. These pickups are the first choice in Radian and Ash guitars. Standard colour is black.

Special Order Formats>>

If you need something that is a little less common, I might have to order the bobbins and covers in especially for it, so it can take a while to get everything together. Special order parts available include HB sized P90, Dogear P90, P-bass, J-bass, soapbar style bass pickups, seven string, mini humbucker and nickel or gold covered humbuckers, zebra humbuckers and some other colours.

Custom Pickup Formats>>

When it comes to extended range instruments, lap steels, and rare, out of production pickups, I can produce totally custom designed pickups with odd pole spacing, 8, 9, 10+ string designs, angled humbuckers, triple coils, stacks, fat soapbars, unusual shapes and sizes, whatever you can think of! Wooden covers and bobbins, SC/HB hybrids, P90/HB hybrids, alnico pole HBs and P90s, custom piezo systems, preamps, EQs and boosters are all possible. NB - Ash Pickups are only available as an option for Ash and Radian guitars, not as aftermarket replacements on their own.

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