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Come on, admit it. You musicians out there are a bunch of savages with your gear! You break it, someone needs to fix it. Simple, isn't it.

For the last ten years I've been that guy, but from now on I just create new, custom-built guitars. For any repairs, modifications or refinishing, you'll need to find a new guru. I suggest Mr Glyn for general guitar repair work, and you could try Binford Guitars as an archtop guitar specialist.
Violins, pedals and amplifiers are best served by dedicated experts in those respective fields. Look up The Stringed Instrument Company, Andy Jurgens and 34 Audio for those kinds of repairs.

Repairs to Ash and Radian guitars can still be done by me. No-one else know these guitars better, so I'll continue to look after them.

For the first half of 2015, I'm setting up a new workshop in Papakura, so I won't be able to take on any work until that is complete.

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